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Jordi Oliver Guitar & Voice

Elvira Bisbe Voice

Carlos Aznar Guitar

I started playing music with friends from school trying to imitate our idols from the moment. Then, in a guitar dialogue, I met Carlos with whom I share a wide and diverse history of musical collaboration, ranging from concerts of all kinds, panellets music, sports spots, radio broadcasts, until our current band, Jonibegut.

I’ve collab with others with groups like the + Silvestre jazz band or the Full House, doing concerts in l’Empordà. I have also participated in the music production for some films.

Currently, among others, I build and make electric guitars from scratch, and I am also into choral singing and composition.

Influences: Clapton, Yes, KC, Miles, Satriani, Hellecsters, Vai, Scofield, but if I have to choose, I definitely stick with the endearing and wise BB King.

My first concert as a singer was at the age of 17 in a Literary Cabaret.

I was part of what they call the “Novissima song” with Dolors Divi and some other bands. I recorded an “LP” in 1987 as a KOE with Tullio Tonelli, who voiced ad music for Sonoestudi and made the choirs for some albums by singers such as Enric Hernaez.

Later, I put more dedication into medicine and singing at events of family and friends until I joined Jonibegut and ContraBand.

My influences are black music, especially Soul and Blues. I’ve been a huge fan of Janis Joplin and Aretha Franklin since I was a teenager.

When I was young I broke an defective guitar with a hammer, making my father buy me a new one. Thanks to my brother I was listening imported music from the states which thanks god civilized me.

I met Jordi at a party, where casually were two guitars. Four hours later the guests had left while ago and we hadn’t even noticed.

I have collaborated in advertising, documentaries and also in performances. I like combining fields like music, with design, painting and writing.

I vibrate with Classic music, Rumba, 70’s rock, 80’s funk, Soul, R&B, and magnificent artists such as Steely Dan, Clapton, Reindhart, Pass, T. Emmanuel, Paco De Lucía and so on…

Now, my relationship with guitars is completly different since the beginnings.

Albert Alier – Keyboard & voice

Marc SalaDrums & voice

Ricard Morán – Bass & voice

Music and rhythm have always been present in my life: as a student at the Municipal Conservatory, as a regular listener of my mother’s classic piano works, or as a nightclub hobbyist in the 80’s.

But I’m comfortable listening to the voices of S Vaugan and D Washington, and also good pop.

I have been part of Jonibegut’s eclecticism for many years now and my head is a buzz of influences, which have been sweetened only by my foray into the body rhythms of the tap, by the Camut Band.

I became interested in music as a child, listening to the records my parents played in the old home record player. Music like: Jesuschrist Superstar, Llach, classic music and lot of variety.

Once I started my working life I met Jordi and we inmediately started rehearsing together just to have fun. He introduced me to Carlos and I brought Enric Cardús, who was a former member of the band for the first 5 years.

Once the name of the band JONIBEGUT was established about 6 years ago, the show started to get better.

Music influences: Supertramp, Pink Floyd, Elvis Presley, different groups from Soul, Blues, country and classical music, not to mention Jazz. But if I have to choose anyone special for me, I’d choose Van Morrisson as a male singer and as a female singer, the energtic Janis Joplin. 

Although I am the bass player at Jonibegut, my background is as a guitarist.

Since younger I played acoustic instruments but when I grew up I started became “electrified”.

I did had fun time in the field of traditional music as a “graller”, drummer and also as a flutist.

The influences are very diverse. At a young age, Creedence Clearwater Revival, John Mayal, Bob Dylan, Crosby-Stills & Nash, later Led-Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, BB King, Eric Clapton and Steeve Ray Voughan among others.

Apart from Jonibegut I take part in some other blues and rock bands. Lately I’ve been collaborating in the production of soundtracks for some mountain documentaries.